We offer face to face and online support appointments


Whilst we are not trained advisors, the dDeaflinks team of signing staff can assist with general matters such as; reading letters, making phone calls, completing forms and typing letters.

As this is currently an unfunded activity we have to charge for this service. Charges as follows:

* General support, to make phone calls, read letters, etc = £10 for upto 30mins of support

* Completing complex forms, such as benefit forms = £30

* Document creation, complaint letter writing, CV creations, etc = £15

Where necessary our team will sign post and help get you to the right place for more specialised support and advice free of charge.

dDeaflinks are also proud to be a venue for the Royal Association for Deaf people (RAD). They provide a range of free support services including; job searches, interview skills, completing benefit forms, advice, councelling and much more. Referals into this service can be made through dDeaflinks free of charge.

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