We use Interpreters that are qualified to work in a range of different settings

what we provide

dDeaflinks, Staffordshire’s interpreting and communication support service has been supplying services to the Deaf, deafened and hard of hearing community for many years. The organisation changed its name in 2000 to dDeaflinks, we feel the particular spelling of our name represents and reflects the community we are supporting. The lower case ‘d’ represents the deafened and hard of hearing population whilst the D signifies those who are profoundly Deaf, our organisa-tion is the link between these two groups..

The Service grew from the need to support hearing impaired people in everyday situations, to enable them to make informed decisions on quality of life issues.

When attending meetings, appointments and other engagements it is vitally important that dDeaf people should be able to communicate in the method of their choice.

  • British Sign Language (BSL)
  • Deafblind interpreters
  • Lip-speaking or Lip-reading
  • Signed Supported English (SSE)

We are committed to the service we deliver to help support dDeaf people in succeeding in attaining and maintaining work.

dDeaflinks holds Service Level Agreements for the provision of communication support with the Local Primary Care Trusts plus agreements with UHNS and Combined Health Care Trust. We also provided a 24hr interpreting emergency line. We work with Colleges, Disability Employment Advisors, Access to Work, DWP etc.

Contact details:


Tel Voice: 01782 219161

Daytime text only: 07791 459 307

24 Hour Emergency interpreting: 07977 552 414

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9:30am - 2:30pm



01782 219161

Text only

07791 459307



Office B3/4, The Bridge Centre, Birches Head Road, ST2 8DD