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[section_dd][column_dd span=’12’][text_dd]Learning Hours: 60-80 hours

Entry Requirements

All students should have completed Signature BSL Level 1 Fast Track. They may not take Level 2 Year 1 without successfully completing Signature BSL Level 1. Any failed units can be retaken while on the BSL Level 2 Year 1 course.

Interviews can be arranged with a tutor if required.


This course enables students to develop the ability to communicate with Deaf people using British Sign Language in a range of familiar contexts, participating in longer and more open ended exchanges than at level 1. It will develop functional communication in BSL about a range of real life, routine and daily experiences. This course will also enable students to develop BSL skills to prepare for BSL level 2 Year 2.


The end of the course, students will be able to

  • Form statements using BSL
  • Provide information using BSL
  • Understand signed material and extract specific details
  • Participate in a dialogue using BSL
  • What can a learner expect to do next, after this course?
  • Students can choose to carry on and enrol on to the BSL Level 2 Year 2, taking either the Signature assessments or the ABC assessments. They will agree this with their tutor.


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