​The dDeaflinks allotment and garden group meets every Monday between 10:30am – 2pm at the Ellis Centre.

The Garden group started 5 years ago and have worked tirelessly to improve a small unused courtyard area into a beautiful peaceful garden area with a water feature, plants and flower and seating, a perfect place to sit , relax and enjoy the seasons. The group have regular meetings and is run by staff and volunteers.

The Allotment part of the group has been established for a year and has taken on two separate run down allotments. The transformation has been amazing with the hard work and dedication of the group members the group aims to provide new plants for the garden at dDeaflinks. In the sum-mer months the allotment will provide fresh vegetables for use in the centre.

Working on the allotment and in the garden is an activity, which has many health benefits. Being in the fresh air and enjoying physical activities with friends is a great experience.