Deaf Awareness and Communication Tactics

This course is designed to be delivered as a half day training session, it is suitable for frontline workers and others who may meet a deaf person / hearing loss person and who wish to develop some knowledge / confidence to communicate with them when they first meet.
The objective of Deaf Awareness session (theory), learners will

  • Learn how to identify a deaf/ hearing loss person
  • Understand the level of deafness and use appropriate terminology
  • Raise an awareness of communication barriers between hearing and deaf/ hearing loss people
  • Gain basic understanding of deaf/hearing loss communication methods

The objective of communication tactic session (practical), learners will

  • Participate in lip-reading activities to raise an awareness of communication breakdown
  • Understand how to create the best environment for communication
  • Learn how to repair the communication breakdown
  • Learn how to gain a deaf /hearing loss person’s attention
  • Understand communication methods which meet the needs of deaf/ hearing loss individual

Deaf: relates to all of the following: deaf, deafened, hard of hearing and Deaf BSL users

Course Fee
Bespoke courses provided for organisations specific requirements on request.
Half-day tuition (4 hours) – £400.00 (per class for up to 16 people).
Additional travel costs applicable if over 10miles to the venue.

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