Brilliant news! With less than 24 hours to go, we all managed to save the BBC Red Button teletext service from switch off on 30th January 2020. The NFBUK would sincerely like to thank you for DeafLinks Staffordshire, support and cooperation in achieving this outcome.

We are working now to save the Red Button teletext service permanently and would appreciate your further support for the next stages of this campaign. You can help us by encouraging any other organisations in your network who may wish to support the petition and to please let them know that they can do so by replying to myself, Sarah Gayton, , or to the NFBUK email address . Alternatively you can pass names of organisations on to us and we can then research their contact details, if this is easier.  

We would also encourage you as an organisation, and any individuals, to do any one or more of the following please:

  • Write to your MP and request that the decision to keep the red button switched on must be made permanent and explain how this is a vital service for them and family members;
  • Contact Damian Collins MP to thank him for his intervention using his email address and that his swift support was instrumental in the success of our campaign and also explain to him why this service is so important to you;
  • Write to the letters page of your local, regional and national newspapers and explain how your organisation feels about the news that the red button teletext service has been saved for the time being;
  • Contact us at NFBUK to share your personal stories of how and why you use the service and what this decision means to you and your families. One of our fellow petitioning organisations is drafting a form for people to complete, ready later this week, so that we can use this to capture peoples’ experiences and personal stories of using the Red Button Teletext service.
  • Keep copies of any paper articles you see in your local newspapers as this would be very useful for us.

We have other ideas in mind on how organisations like yours can help us and we will be back in contact shortly with details.  If you have any ideas you wish to share with us concerning this campaign please do so.  

I would sincerely like to thank you for your support and cooperation with this campaign because without you we don’t feel that we could have succeeded.  Your continued support is invaluable to us in order to ensure that the Red Button teletext service is saved permanently.