A Silent Shout

Petition: We want British Sign Language to be taught in most schools to GCSE level or equivalent – Click on the image to view/download our petition poster.

For hundreds of years, British Sign Language has been the primary language of the Deaf community, a visual language that can be learned by all and can transcend communication barriers both locally and globally. Just one person learning to sign goes a long way to overcoming these barriers and creating a much more inclusive society, so imagine the impact if everyone knew how to sign.

 If you believe like us that it is time most schools include British Sign Language on the school curriculum up to  GCSE  level, then we are hoping with your help to produce a substantial visual petition. ‘A Silent Shout’ directed, of course at the government, but also aimed at people generally to make them aware of the vast potential right there in front of them.

Here’s how to be part of ‘A Silent Shout’, an art installation that calls on Parliament and the nation to at last realise the enormous potential of Sign Language, that can enrich the lives of everyone in so many ways.

  • Send or bring us a Ribbon 
  • A piece of cloth; 12in x 2in (very approximate) 
  • Any colour, pattern or plain 
  • You can put your name or a message on the ribbon, if you like.  
  • We will tie each ribbon side by side, or you can come to dDeaflinks Staffordshire anytime we are open and tie it yourself. All the ribbons will help to create a large art installation; ‘A Silent Shout.’ 

We realise of course, that to petition Parliament officially, a petition has to be signed, so we ask that you also go to https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/ and join the online petition named above If we can reach 100,000 signatures then Parliament will usually debate the petition, and we may achieve something of real value for everybody and their descendants.

Just imagine if everyone could sign.



The online petition at https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/ will be active after the launch event at dDeaflinks Staffordshire.

dDeaflinks Staffordshire is a charity that relies on people, that support us with donations. If you would like to donate, then you can send it with your ribbon to dDeafLinks Staffordshire, The Ellis Centre, Wellesley Street, Shelton, Stoke-on-Trent, ST1 4NF or go to https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/asilentshout

Rachel Shenton our patron and Chris Overton will launch ‘A Silent Shout’ on 20th July 2019 11 am – 1 pm at The Ellis Centre.

All are welcome, bring a ribbon or for a small donation get one when you get here

Remember you can add a ribbon yourself anytime we are open,

dDeafLinks Staffordshire, The Ellis Centre, Wellesley Street, Shelton, Stoke-on-Trent, ST1 4NF